KidoPaints Giveaway

Start time 2022-12-01
Finished Time 2022-12-31
Address RDS Team - Workspace Innovations, Northwest 135th Avenue, Miami, FL, USA

RDS Team Foundation will donate up to 7,000 KidoPaint painting Kits and brushes to schools and churches, and look for an opportunity to meet the Directors of the institution when we make the delivery, and hope that we can introduce our services for consideration. Just send us a request by filling out the requested form below, and one of our representatives will get back to you with the quantities that your organization will receive. RDS Team foundation is focused on helping institutes and educational organizations that work with children. We have chosen KidoPaints to encourage children’s creativity and encourage parents to spend more time with their children on creative projects. Your organization can benefit from this donation, and we ask that you submit the form and help us reach your organization’s management team so that we can make a proper introduction and deliver the gifts. RDS has been serving educational organizations in the state of Florida with an array of products and services that deliver value and cost savings that make an impact on your bottom line.
Fill out the following application and receive a donation from RDS Foundation. (This KidoPaints promotion will be while supplies last.)

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